Order instructions

05 simple steps to place an order online

1. Sign in (not required)
User browse the website to select what you want to order, add the item to cart (shopping bag), and order it
User register an account (if do not have yet), sign in to place an order
Information for registration include: Name, Email, Password.

You can order without signing in. However, with an registered account, if you sign in to purchase, the website will store your ordering information for your easy tracking in future.

2. Billing details
Giving name and address of the person who pays the bill
Box with an * in red is required
Billing address could be same or different to Delivery address

3. Delivery address
Giving delivery address, Bettino shall ship the ordered items to this place
Box with an * in red is required

4. Check your order
Review your order again before payment step

5. Pay by Paypal
Bettino accept payment by Paypal
If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can select paying by credit/debit card