What does ‘Bettino’ mean?

In Italian language, Bettino means ‘Blessed’. JCI selected this to be our brandname with hope to bring Bless to all who uses Bettino products. In Italy, the word ‘Bettino’ is usually named for boys, a masculine name for those who are expected to grow up becoming strong men.

Initiated as a notebook brand

Bettino was established in 2011, though our company started the business in 2009. In domestic market, especially in HCM City, Bettino used to be one of the leading notebook brand for people at work. We were almost the only one high quality brand, besides all the Chinese unbranded imported products.

In Vietnam, as well as other countries, notebook makers tend to expand the product category carrying notebook, name card case, passport holder, folder, wallet, etc. For us, we build to become an online store where people can shop all products for working in style.

Under JCI, as a company and factory, there is, an online store. And all the brands under JCI shall be listed in this store.

Bettino. Work in Style. Our philosophy.

A few words about the name Bettino, but in fact branding is not the most important in our business. As a factory, we have been focusing in production and technology where we have the advantages. Our vision is to research and develop products using unique materials, advanced techniques and excellent craftsmanship but offered at affordable prices to be loved by all. is established with an ambitious plan to become an online store serving customers around the world, with travel and work in style products. Simply, Vietnam has so many things to offer to world and we will work hard to make it happens.