1. What is the origin of Bettino products?

All Bettino products are made by Jupiter Crafts International Limited. Bettino is a registered brand under JCI. Bettino products is authentic. No copy.

2. What are Bettino’s promises?

Bettino always make leather goods with high quality, using unique materials, with excellent craftsmanship. In fact, there is always defective items in production but Bettino never deliver bad products to our customers.

3 promises of Bettino
* 100% authentic products: Bettino only make and sell authentic products under our brandname
* Return and refund: after taking delivery, if not happy with the products, buyer can contact us to return the thing and get a refund. We will take action in consideration of buyer’s benefit. No question!
* 1 for 1 exchange: within 1 year of your purchase, if there is defects due to our error, you can send it back to us, exchange 1 for 1 or get a refund. Defects or malfunction as a result of wrong usage is not covered in our warranty policy.

3. Do I need to sign in my account while shopping in Bettino.com?

Yes, you need to register an account with us and sign in when shopping in order to save time not to fill in all the forms. Moreover, with your account, you can check the order status and many other features.

If not sign in, it may take you more time in the process.

4. How do Bettino ship and deliver the goods?

Within 1-2 working days upon receipt of your order, if confirmed, Bettino will ship the item. We use EMS or VNPost with tracking number as standard or other courier as agreed with buyer.

5. Do Bettino has a shop?

So far, JCI focus on manufacturing the products. We have bettino.com as our online store to serve customers worldwide. We do not have a physical shop in the market yet.