Personalise your notebooks

Personalisation is free if you wish to stamp your initials, name, or custom text on the cover. We shall use the letters in Raavi font, which are already available, to emboss it for you.

There is some cost should you wish to emboss your own Logo or Artwork.

In any case, just send us an email here and we discuss how.


  • Select the design (from Bettino products)
Bettino accepts custom design but we need to work on some thing that both parties know clearly. It is recommended to select from products in this website. Simply, we have the materials and refills ready to use.

  • Select the colors
Bettino has Red, Brown, Green as standard colors. Other colors is also available, so just let us know.

  • Request personalization
Like what we said. The hand-crafted notebook is made for you. You can ask us to mix the colors, change some spec and emboss you name or initials on the cover.