Why Bettino Notebooks?

Bettino notebooks, be it a journal, a diary or a planner, is always simple. Each item is crafted by hands and tools using rustic materials like Italian vegetable tanned leather and German washable kraft paper. Our design is minimalist from the feel and look to its functions. In our range, you can find nothing fancy. This makes us different from all the other brands.


When you start writing, with notebooks or journals, the appearance of the products may interest you first. But, in fact, the performance of it is much more important when you write more. If it does not lay flat and the paper has ink bleeding or feathering, you will stop using it and look for for something else.

Bettino notebooks is not just personalized. All is made understanding the specific requirements from the users.

Value for money

Writing comfort

Veg tanned leather is valuable but the reason why Bettino notebooks satisfy customers is writing comfort. All can open flat 180 degree on the table. You don't need to hold the pages when writing. We also use very good writing paper which is friendly with all kinds of pen and ink. 

Even with traveler notebook, Bettino products also lay flat because we use a different refill...


At Bettino, we understand that notebook is not just for writing, it has become a fashion accessory that you carry with you everywhere. Our materials, the colors and the designs will make you 'write in style' at all the places you go. 


At present, Bettino has managed to offer our products at very reasonable prices so that they reach more and more users all over the world. For customers placing bulk orders for the group or to resell it, we will have special pricing that would surprise you.

Service life

When notebooks become friends, you would love to use it for years. More importantly, the economic side is also a concern. It should not cost too much just for writing. This is the reason why we use very durable materials for our products. And almost all is refillable. You just replace the used refills and continue it forever...

Bettino notebook