Our story

Keeping it in the family; our parents taught us to be leather crafters

As children, we watched our parents meticulously weave their goods in their workshop, inspiring us to love what we make.

The workshop where we've based Bettino is in the exact location of our parent's weaving shop

Time waits for no artisan, and as the years past the looms became outdated and were finally removed. Our parents' simple trade had no branding and only used the old technologies, leading to the business being wound up after nearly 50 years of industry.

Bettino began its journey when I began importing and distributing leather-bound notebooks.

Finding these notebooks led me to uncover my passion for the fabric they were wrapped within.

Back in May 2009, I went to Tan Binh District for an exhibition of Thai products. Here, I was able to make a positive impression to Zenith; my businessman-like style and a Muji spring notebook that was always by my side.

The story of notebooks made in Vietnam

When Thailand experienced unprecedented floods in 2011, our company had to adapt - we found new sources for our materials within Vietnam and partnered with local manufacturers. Leveraging my English skills and experience with foreign partners, I went into business with Bettino.

Back then, it was known as White Magnolia Company, and it was one of the few suppliers of PU leather backed notebooks from Italy. Quickly, the high-quality Bettino leather notebook became a status symbol for office workers across Ho Chi Minh City. Our internet presence bought orders from across the country and we partnered with Prudential, HBBank, MOL, HSBC, Yazaki, Karaoke Nice, and many others. With this success we were able to expand our offering into other leather goods.

Investing in the leather crafting workshop

Our goal was set; to become a leather goods manufacturer that used the most up-to-date materials, technology, and marketing to ensure the survival of the business - a level of understanding gained from watching the demise of our parents' business. In 2015, our application to register the brand was rejected, before we were finally able to register Bettino as our business name. Lessons have been learned over the years, and with the support of our colleagues and partners, we now have top-class equipment and machines, use high-quality materials, and employ the best team of workers and artisans a company could wish for.

Bringing handmade leather to market

In the past, handmade leather would have been called ugly and rough. There's been a realization over many years that fine leather craftsmanship has more beauty and quality than anything made by a machine. Fine stitching and edging are the hallmark of handmade leather products. Every hole is hand-sewn, giving a soul and uniqueness that could never be achieved with a machine. For cutting, Bettino does use machines, but each item is pieced together by a master craftsperson to ensure a fast, detailed, and accurate product. We continue to work hard and improve our offering; this is why our customers love our brand, both in Vietnam and across Europe and the USA.

What does the "p Rustic" brand mean?

The iconic product from Bettino is undoubtedly our handmade leather notebook. First produced in 2017, it embodies our drive to produce genuine, rustic, leather notebooks for our customers. Reflecting the feel of the brand, we chose to call it "p Rustic".

"Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness" Frank Tyger