What size is for you?

Size of a notebook is the size of refill or the paper section.

At Bettino, we have quite a few of sizes for your choice. It can be similar to other brands but it could be different with the one you are using.

Size S - Field Notes

This size is 9x14cm, which is the same as a Field Notes notebook. It could be a pocket size one and larger than a passport.

Bettino has a version of traveler notebook in this size, the TN01.

Size M - Personal

This size is 10x18.5cm, quite the same as a long wallet. It is just enough to hold a phone, some bank notes, credit cards...

Bettino will be launching a traveler notebook in this size.

Size R - Regular

This size is 11x21cm, the regular size of the Traveler's Company (Japanese).

So far, Bettino don't have this size yet but you can request if in need.

Size L - Cahier

This size is 13x21cm, very universal. Moleskine and many other brands has this size.

Size A5 - Standard

This size is 14.5x21cm, the standard size that almost all brands have.