Late 2017, JCI launched our new products, one by one, under the brand Amico. All made from a special materials, the washable kraft paper. This is a durable paper, difficult to tear apart, unless you use a knife or scissors to make a cut.

Kraft paper has its rustic look, which is also the style of many products on The Amico calligraphy notebook size A5 and B5 has been introduced to handwriting lovers and conquerred all of them thanks to the rustic style of this special paper. And next, JCI has also launched, on, some products such as the passport cover PPC-316-S and the cardbook TNB-652-S, with washable kraft paper as primary materials.

Certainly, when you wash this paper, to clean some stains, the perfect finish of the materials will also be gone. However, if there is wrinkles, you can iron it.

From some voice of market survey, JCI found that customers have accepted this new materials, not because of its washable property but because of its durability and rustic look. Washable kraft paper is a lasting materials, replacing PU leather or fabric, to be used for crafting unique products.

Currently, JCI has 02 colors of washable kraft paper, the matcha and the sahara colors. Other colors to be imported very soon, with lots of hot items to surprise the market. What is that? Please let us keep it as a secret to be told as soon as possible.


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