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Began trading in 2009. We moved into manufacturing our own range of leather items in 2011. In 2015, we was registered as Bettino Limited; the start of time for expansion and integration.

The Best Materials

Our speciality is veg tan leather notebooks, made by hand. We work primarily in vegetable-tanned cowhide as our material of choice, using it to produce Bettino notebooks - produced by the Phan family, crafted in rustic-style leather.

If you prefer, we offer chrome-tanned leather as an option for your custom order.

When you order with Bettino, you can select your style, type of leather, dimensions, and the color, along with applying an embossing of any design you choose. Your item can match perfectly with your style, desires, and needs.

Cutting machinery is used to make our processes faster, more accurate, and more consistent. Your leather product will be able to be hand-sewn and finished better with precision cutting.


You buy direct from Bettino, the manufacturer. This ensures you get the best price for everything you order.

Every order placed through our website, Facebook page, and other platforms come direct to us. There's no sales chain; we work directly with you.

Rustic beauty

The style of Bettino's leather goods is purposely rustic. This charming style defines our brand.

Hand coloring

Our vegetable tanned leather is dyed by hands, using water-based dye, which is good for the environment and yourself.